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Upcoming Radio Interview!
January 3 2013
Catch SAJJAD's first interview in over a year with Steve and Chrissie on One World Radio starting January 7th at 6pm EST (11pm U.K time). Listen to the inspirations behind the songs from WHERE I BELONG - a topic never covered before. OWR features music and interviews of some of the finest artists from around the world. Be sure not to miss it!
Click here to tune in to the interview online!

New Single Free Download
December 11 2012
Despite working on a new album, SAJJAD has made time to compose a brand new single just in time for the holiday season. What's more is it's completely free to download! Click the link below and download the new song 'Stronger This Time'. We hope you enjoy it.

Click here to download 'Stronger This Time' by SAJJAD

New Album!
November 14 2012
SAJJAD has been working in his studio on new compositions since early this year. Planning now underway for the production activities of the new album!

Some of these activities will include determining the musicians that will record live materials, arranging the pieces, orchestrating string and brass sections, etc.

We are excited about the possibilities this time. Visit us time to time to check back on progress.

Charity Season!
September 29 2012
All proceeds from digital sales of SAJJAD's album this year have been donated to charity. We are proud to support legitimate charity organizations around the world. Our world is strong. She knows how to adapt, cope and persevere. We are confident the world will be at peace someday soon.

If you wish to help, choose an act of charity (donate food, clothes, your time and effort, or money) and help someone in need. It will make a huge difference.

Watch the new video!!!
September 10 2012
We are excited to announce the release of the concert video of 'The Only World I Have'. SAJJAD composed this piece exclusively for the show.

Writing in German, SAJJAD says, "Die produktion of meinen album 'Where I Belong' dauerte mir fünf jahren. Est war nur logisch das ein live konzert den album folgen würde. Est is ja eine sache musik zu komponieren aber etwas ganzes anderes den musik live auf zu führen. Musik ist meine welt und wenn du die welt hast, brauchts du doch nichts etwas anderes."

English Translation:
"It took me five years to produce my debut album 'Where I Belong'. It was only natural that it be followed up with a live concert. It is one thing to compose music, another to perform it live in front of an audience. Music is my world and when you have the world, what else do you need?"

We hope you enjoy the video!
The Only World I Have - SAJJAD Live Concert Video